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Shanta Gold is a low cost gold producer with significant resource upside, within and surrounding its New Luika Gold Mine, with additional development opportunities in Tanzania

Our People

Valuing our People and Realising Diversity

Our people [photo]

Our Position

We are respectful towards one another and we acknowledge and value our diversity.

Our Performance

At SMCL, as at 31 December 2016, there were 1207 employees, including permanent, fixed term contract, contractors and temporary employees. 1164 of these employees were male, and 43 female.

Employees by gender and employment type Male Female Total
Permanent employees 398 13 411
Fixed term contract employees (Expats) 24 0 24
Total SMCL employees 422 13 435
Temporary employees 91 0 91
Contractors 651 30 681
Total 1164 43 1207

There are 411 permanent employees with open ended contracts. Of this total 13 are female and 398 are male.

Employees by gender and employment type Male Female Total
Permanent employees 398 13 411

SGL provides the following standard benefits for full-time employees that are not provided for temporary or part-time employees:

  • Health care;
  • Leave;
  • Retirement provision;
  • Travel allowance;
  • Loans from financial institutions;
  • Incentive schemes like bonuses; and
  • Trainings and personal development plan.

The Company applies a policy of promotion from within whenever possible and all positions are advertised internally in the first instance.

SMCL applies the Tsh 400,000 minimum wage recommended by the government in mining sector. The specific wage per employee is dependent on the job grade, experience and qualifications. This is applies equally to both male and female employees.

SMCL employs locals from surrounding villages, Tanzanian nationals and expats from other countries. Currently, 49% of our total Tanzanian workforce at NLGM is hired from the local community (Maleza, Mbangala, Saza, Patamela and Mkwajuni villages).

The table below shows the breakdown of the 435 permanent and fixed-term employees by region and gender

SMCL employees by region and gender Male Female Total
International 24 0 24
National 194 5 199
Local Villages 204 8 212
Total 422 13 435

SGL has a common practice of granting preference to local residents when hiring in our operations. It coordinates with village leaders and councillors to find out if the skills needed on site are available in the nearby villages, and we only outsource when the skills are not available. In a rapidly globalising world, the benefits of hiring and developing local talent is more important than ever before.

The advantages include the deep knowledge locals have of the local culture and business practices, fluency in the local language and the ability to manage people according to local practices. However, given the remote location of the mine in South West Tanzania, there is a limited pool of local people that have specialised skills. Particularly in emerging markets such as Tanzania, qualified locals are hard to find and retain. In response to this gap in local skills we meticulously explore local talent pools and invest heavily in training programs to develop and retain local talent. In 2016, SGL trained a total of 742 local employees and offered 3 locals scholarships. The engagement of expatriates is purely a risk management issue for the Company. If the requisite skills are not available in country, only then expatriates will be used.